In today’s work environment, the strength of a workforce speaks volumes about the health of a business.

Top employers from large companies to startups and across all industry types are recognizing that a well-designed benefits program creates a competitive advantage in attracting top talent. Capstone works closely with clients to understand their organization and design a custom-built plan that maximizes their return on investment.

Our approach to benefits begins not by showing our clients how smart we are, but rather by listening. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to benefits and it is essential that we understand the unique circumstances, challenges and opportunities of each business we work with in order to deliver effective and efficient solutions. Some brokers view their role as simply passing paper back and forth. At Capstone, our seasoned benefits team views their role as an extension of your management team, helping shape and make critical business decisions that will influence the future of your organization.

As our nation’s healthcare system continues to evolve, designing and managing the day-to-day operations of a benefits program has become increasingly complex. Because of this, you want to ensure you select a partner that understands that shifting industry landscape and is able to guide you so you’re on solid ground today and tomorrow.

Capstone provides comprehensive employee benefits consulting and brokerage services to employer groups of all sizes.

Our services and solutions include:

  • Selection, strategy and development of health and wellness benefit plans, based on your unique benefits strategy

  • Vendor negotiation to obtain advantageous cost structure

  • Implementation and continuing proactive management of the plan

  • Responsive communications support to help employees better understand, appreciate and utilize their benefits, while receiving necessary responses surrounding all aspects of their benefits ranging from plan details to claims status

  • Comparative analysis, implementation, and management of desired payroll, HRIS and/or Benefits Administration portals

  • Ongoing plan financial and compliance oversight, including:

    • Plan documentation drafting and reviews

    • Preparation for DOL and IRS Audits

    • Proactive strategies to address upcoming regulatory changes

    • Ongoing review of vendor performance, benchmarks and cost trends

    • Healthcare provider network analysis

    • Current legislative and regulatory guidance, including information, strategies and recommendations related to healthcare reform

access to a custom-designed suite of services:

  • Unlimited access to HR 360 website

  • Fully outsourced COBRA services

  • Healthcare Advocacy services

  • Ongoing HR support services

  • Call center access

  • Monthly wellness communication

  • Personally designed wellness programs, including:

    • Biometric testing

    • Wellness coaching

    • Personal health record

    • Health goals

  • Dependent audit services

  • A designated Capstone service representative

Access to major insurance providers and assistance with full suite of employee benefits:

  • Group Medical, Dental and Vision

  • Group Life and Disability (Short and Long-Term)

  • Long-Term Care

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

  • Medicare

  • Supplemental Coverage

  • International Benefits

To speak with a Capstone professional about employee benefits, please contact us directly