Umbrella Coverage

$1 Million Doesn't Go As Far As It Used To

Umbrella Coverage

One million dollars doesn’t provide as much protection as it used to. Are you  adequately covered when an unexpected loss occurs? Are you being offered an umbrella quote? Even a small business can be exposed to a catastrophic event from an auto or a GL loss. At Selective, our umbrella policy can provide you with greater protection at a reasonable cost. 

Limits and Coverages

Should that large car accident or product/completed operations claim occur, don’t jeopardize your business by providing only $1 million in coverage. Selective’s umbrella policy offers broad coverages and may provide up to $25M in limits. Some of the coverages available include:

  • Automatic coverage for additional insureds
  • Expanded coverage territory
  • Extension of the designated location and designated aggregate per project into the umbrella
  • Primary and non-contributory coverage available
  • Coverage available above your professional liability coverages

Easy to Quote

Selective has the ability to provide you the protection you need. In our One & Done® system, just select an umbrella and the limit; the system automatically generates a competitive quote and allows your insurance agency to bind and issue coverage up to $5 million. If you want higher limits, talk to your agent so they can meet your individual needs.