Winterizing Your Home: Prepare and Protect

Winter is snow joke. Snow, sleet, ice... there are plenty of winter perils to prepare for. Follow these simple steps and protect your home from the damage cold weather events can cause:

1.) Energy Efficient Improvements 

The very same steps you need to take to keep your heating costs down can also be viewed as protective for your home's structure and systems. These steps include:

  • Have a professional service provider inspect prepare your A/C, water, fuel, cent and other systems and pipes for the season
  • Consider replacing normal doors and windows with storm-proof products
  • Have your furnace serviced and change your filters
  • Evaluate your home for drafts and leaks. These are most common in attics, crawl spaces and basements

2.) Prevent Flooding - Roof and Drainage Updates

  • Clear all gutters of leaves and debris before the first snowfall. 
  • Remove snow from the roof after heavy accumulation
  • If your roof is sloped, place ice melt products on ice dams for safe, easy removal
  • Make sure drain pipes point away from your home to prevent flooding. Also be sure your irrigation system and lawn have been winterized

3.) Protect Your Plumbing - Prevent Bursts

  • Wrap exposed pipes and plumbing with insulation. Heat tape can be used to protect outside pipes; or those inside the home in non heated areas
  • Keep values and taps open to keep water moving. This prevents freezing and expansion, which causes cracks and damage
  • If the temperature is below freezing, keep your sinks dripping
  • When you leave your home, keep the temperature set warm enough to prevent freezing of any kind

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Stay safe and warm this winter season!