At Capstone, we are listeners, learners, passionate problem-solvers and proactive communicators.

As an emerging firm in a mature industry, Capstone Group’s mission is to provide results-driven solutions that transcend what our clients have come to expect from insurance and benefits brokers.

In a world defined by uncertainty, we aim to be a rock for our clients by adhering to our foundation of values: we are people-focused and motivated by a genuine compassion for our employees, our customers and their employees, and our community.

Capstone's name serves a dual purpose. Without the capstone, a wall, structure or building is incomplete; similarly, insurance and benefits are essential components providing businesses and individuals with protection and strength. In addition, the capstone reminds us to reach higher and never settle for anything but the best.

Capstone is proud to be selective, both in the employees we hire and the clients we work with. We seek like-minded organizations and individuals in which we have a shared vision, agreement on expectations, and equal commitment in a long-term relationship.